Our Brand Story


Back in 2012, I had a dream to bring together two of my favorite foods from around the world. Ever since that vision, i acquired a highly dedicated team of researchers and professionals to create a concept that the community would love best. After years of production and hard work, Döner & Gyros was born and made its debut in 2014.   Fast forward to today, we have a significant presence in the U.A.E with strategic plans to expand into the international market in the immediate future. Partner with us today, and let's grow together not just as a brand, but as a team. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with our franchisees.
Döner & Gyros were born to bring two of the most iconic sandwiches to streets across the world.
Both of these sandwiches originates from the Mediterranean, and have in common a love for the freshest ingredients and great tasting food.  However, each took a different journey in becoming famous.  And just like any other good history story, the real person behind their fame is passionately contested with fortunes made and lost.

The gyro sandwich

originated from Greece, and although similar to the döner, have a distinct flavour of its own – and is always topped with freshly made tzatziki sauce.  The gyro sandwich can claim its journey to fame through a Greek immigrant who opened his first restaurant in Chicago in 1965.

The döner sandwich

whose heritage goes as far back as the Ottoman Empire, were made famous by a Turkish immigrant Chef Mahmut Aygun who opened his first restaurant in Berlin, Germany in 1971 – and has since grown to the most loved "on-the-go" sandwich in Germany and Europe.
Although these sandwiches were famous, all were sold through independent mom-and-pop restaurants – with not a single global franchise chain delivering these sandwiches.  Döner & Gyros mission is to change that, and to ensure that the heritage and history of these iconic sandwiches stays alive and vibrant. When you visit Döner & Gyros, you share not only in the heritage and history of these products, but also delight in our authentic recipes using quality ingredients that is served freshly prepared.